Cort’s vision of alternatives to the popular dreadnought shape, the Luce Series offers smaller body size shapes like OM, Concert and Parlour that are easier to hold and play while providing a more balanced sound. An ideal balance between classic vintage looks from the golden age of guitars and modern yet practical features, the L900P-PD provides the best of both worlds in perfect harmony.


PARLOUR BODY – Based on the revered vintage parlor body guitars from the 1930’s, the 12th fret neck-body joint not only imparts a classical look but produces a strong low-end and surprisingly loud volume for a guitar of its compact size.

SOLID RED CEDAR TOP – Compared to spruce, cedar is a bit mellower and warmer. The midrange is slightly accentuated with a sweeter top-end, making cedar ideal for players who fingerpick a lot and prefer a slightly rounder and fuller sound.

PALDAO BACK & SIDES – A hard and dense wood, Paldao delivers bright high-mids and a clear low-end. Looks-wise, it is reminiscent of Koa for a classy high-end look.

45mm (1 ¾”) NUT WIDTH – A slightly wider nut width that makes it easier for fingerstyle playing.

GENUINE BONE NUT & SADDLE – Crafted out of water buffalo bone for the most natural and transparent transfer of string vibrational energy into the body and neck.

GROVER VINTAGE MACHINE HEADS – Vintage-style look and tuning stability complement the overall classic look of this model.

VINTAGE SUNBURST FINISH – A special vintage-style sunburst finish to complement the overall vintage look and vibe of this model.

SLOTTED HEADSTOCK – Headstock used on pre-war 1920’s guitars, not only does it exhibit a classy vintage look but it also produces a tone more reminiscent of classical-style guitars.

HEAD VOLUTE – Vintage-style triangular headvolute for an upgraded look.

SONICALLY ENHANCED UV FINISH – The high-tech finish is strong and resistant to scratches while being lightweight to improve the natural acoustic resonance of the body for a full-bodied and rich tone.