The JR-1 is a 540mm scale length compact acoustic guitar modelled after Yamaha’s long selling FG series. This compact guitar delivers authentic acoustic sound anytime and anywhere you want.

Yamaha FG guitars are high-quality instruments, and the JR line is no exception. The JR1 provides exceptional quality for the money you pay. The guitar stays in tune, has good playability and intonation, and is as loud as you can expect a guitar of this size to be. It is advertised as a 3/4 scale guitar, but it is on the smaller end of the spectrum.

Slight cosmetic damage to the front of the instrument but nothing structural or anything that affects the tone of the instrument.

Perfect as a travel or campfire guitar!


During Lockdown (November 5th – December 2nd), this item will only be available to click and collect from store or by delivery in the SW of England only (at an additional price of £15). 

If you want to purchase this item, please contact us either by email ( ) or by phone (01392 793260) to make payment and arrange collection/delivery.