The M65-C was the top of DeArmond’s bolt-neck line and features a carved top, block inlays, chrome hardware, and separate tone and volume controls for each pickup.

DeArmond and Rowe has manufactured string instrument pickups since the 50’s. Including mandolin and autoharp, as well as guitar. They are extremely sought after and were used on 60’s & 70’s Harmony, Kay, Silvertone, and even high-end guitars like Guild and Gretsch. After Guild tried the inexpensive guitar market with Madeira and Burnside, they tried reviving the DeArmond name by using it to mass produce Guild spec electric guitars and basses first from Korea then from Indonesia.

This is in great condition and sounds fantastic – from clean jazzy tones all the way to the edge of bluesy-rock. Versatile pickups, a great looking instrument and solid craftmanship. The perfect entry-level electric guitar.