This is a stunning left-handed 2004 Fender Stratocaster ’68 Reissue (Made in Japan, Tokai Factory).

This superb guitar has a maple cap 1968 lefty neck for that true Hendrix feel and look! Gorgeous near mint condition.

Japan Vintage Reissue 1968 Stratocasters are quite rare models, so these necks are extremely hard to come by, especially from a left-handed guitar, so it took a while to source this one.

Two-piece “maple cap” construction is also quite unique and was used by Fender for only a short period of time in the late 1960s.

The neck has a comfy C-shape, vintage-accurate 7.25-inch fretboard radius, Fender F-style tuners and big CBS headstock. Truss-rod is traditionally adjusted at the heel. Gorgeous honey marble wood figuring on the back of the neck – a real looker!

The reverse headstock gives a slightly tighter feel to the bass strings (due to difference in length) and more singing top-end.

Basswood body has really gorgeous cream colour, balanced weight and loud acoustic resonance. The white 3-ply pickguard provides stunning contrast and aged cream knobs and pickup covers complete that true vintage look. 

Electric voice is provided by a set of versatile and characterful Fender American Alnico V pickup set, with neck and middle having staggered magnets and bridge pickup with flat pole magnets, that allows to push it closer to the strings without the mid-range being ear-splitting.

Wiring is all USA-spec with CTS A250K “dimple” pots, Oak USA 5-way switch, cloth-covered wiring and authentic Sprague ceramic disc new-old-stock capacitor from the 1960s – just like the one Hendrix’s Strat had.

Tone 1 controls the neck treble response, Tone 2 rolls off middle and bridge treble. We really love this Sprague capacitor’s gorgeous harmonics and growly overtones all the way across the range.

Traditional Fender 6-point vintage style tremolo has nice sustain and stability thanks to a thick baseplate and full size tremolo block.

This Strat won’t help you play like Jimi (the magic is in the fingers!), but it might get you pretty close!


This item is available in store in Exeter or by post (at a cost of £20).

Packed very carefully and sent via Parcelforce48

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