Here we have a 2005 Line 6 Variax 700 Acoustic Modelling Guitar in mint condition. The original model of what has become a famous and successful line of live modelling instruments for Line 6. With accurate recreations of 16 acoustic instruments, a bank of instantly switchable alternative tunings and adjustable microphone placement options, it is a really diverse and impressive instrument…. 16-in-1 in fact !! 

The top is Sitka Spruce, the body & neck are mahogany, and the fingerboard & headstock veneer are rosewood.  

The body is in immaculate condition with no visible scratches or dings. The frets show no signs of wear, the action is low and faultless and the neck is arrow-straight and super-smooth.   Overall this instrument is in perfect condition.

Included is the original XPS-AB Direct Box (no 9V Power Supply provided) which is also in mint and full working condition. 

The secret to its success lies in the electronics. The line 6 Variax Acoustic 700 is renowned for delivering a variety of great acoustic guitar sounds on stages with no feedback (even in high noise environments).  

In addition to the included classic vintage acoustic and exotic instrument models (resophonics, banjo, mandola, shamisen, and sitar), it also provides a wide array of preset alternate tunings – including any of your own creation. 


  • Simple and intuitive Volume and Mic Position/Tone Shaping controls 
  • Instant access to preset and custom altered tunings 
  • Thin and comfortable mahogany body with spruce top 
  • Mahogany neck with rosewood fingerboard and pearl snowflake position markers 
  • 24 medium profile frets 
  • 25 1/2″ scale length 
  • 17″ fingerboard radius 
  • Standard 1/4″ guitar output jack 
  • Digital I/O jack for Vetta™ II connectivity 
  • Included direct box provides power plus 1/4″ standard guitar and XLR balanced outputs 
  • Can also be powered by on-board batteries (supplied) or Line 6’s Vetta II amplifier (not supplied). 


  • 1941 Martin® 5-17 
  • 1946 Martin® 000-28 
  • 1960 Martin® D-21 
  • 1954 Gibson® J45® 
  • 1951 Gibson® SJ®-200 
  • 1933 Selmer® Maccaferri 
  • 1951 D’Angelico New Yorker 
  • 1958 Manuel Velazquez 
  • 1973 Guild® F412 
  • 1935 Stella® Auditorium 
  • 1939 National Reso-Phonic Style “O” 
  • 1937 Dobro® Model 27 
  • Gibson® Mastertone 
  • Mandola 
  • Japanese Shamisen 
  • Indian Sitar 


  • TOP SLIDER – Mic Position 
  • MIDDLE SLIDER – Volume 
  • BOTTOM SLIDER – Compressor 

The Model Select knob has several functions. First of all, it allows you to choose the active instrument model. Rotate the knob to choose from the 16 Variax Acoustic models. The name visible in the slot is the active model. The LED will help you see the name on dark stages. The Model Select knob also lets you engage the Instant Alternate Tuning function. With a quick press on the knob, the LED will change from green to red. Now, none of the notes are where you thought they were!  


Many guitarists, especially acoustic guitarists, play in tunings other than the familiar EADGBE. Rather than deal with the hassles of retuning during a performance or transporting multiple guitars, wouldn’t it be great to have a guitar that could retune itself automatically? Line 6 has your back! 

 Of course, this magic is performed on the output signal only. The physical strings are unchanged…and you’re still responsible for being in tune. For the most pleasant experience, you’ll want to have your amplified signal loud enough to drown out the sound of the physical strings. You should keep in mind that the retuning is relative to the actual strings.  

If you tune the actual strings of the Variax Acoustic something besides EADGBE, and apply one of the tuning presets, you’re going to get some unexpected, though not necessarily unmusical, results. A few of the models included in the Variax, like the 12 strings and exotic instruments, won’t let you retune the pitch of the strings. For these models, Alternate Tuning gives you control over other aspects of the sound.  

Engaging Alternate Tuning is simple: All it takes is a quick press on the Model Select knob. The indicator LED will change from green to red to let you know something is up. When you first engage the Alternate Tuning, you’ll hear whatever preset tuning saved to that particular model. 


This item is available from our store in Exeter or by post (at an additional cost of £40 due to weight and insurance value).

Packed very carefully and sent via Parcelforce48 (short delays to be expected over the Christmas and New Year period) .

If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing either by email or phone (both on our website).