Despite the advances in digital guitar-effects technology, a firm favourite of many players is the classic tape delay effect. With the Soul Echo from CKK Electronic, you get the same kind of charm of a tape delay system, but with the added reliability of a modern effects peddle and the controls to fine-tune the echo to your exact requirements. Not only that, but at less than £80, it’s an absolute steal.

The controls on the Soul Echo are fairly straight forward and intuitive:

  • Repeat – This sets just how many times you want each note to be echoed
  • Time – controls the gap between each echo
  • Mix – determines just how loud the echoes are in comparison to your original signal
  • Boost – grants you up to 6dB of increased volume to your original signal, making the pedal perfect for guitar solos

The warm, hoarse delay tone has become very rare in this digital age. If you like playing some nostalgic music, Soul Echo will make your tone better. Soul Echo emulates tape delay, and what is most interesting is when tone of tape delay combines filter switch, Soul Echo can make a tone with a sense of space just like reverb.

Users can select frequency between flutter and wow by the FILTER switch, this makes the end of the tone with a variety of filtering characteristics. Even more interesting is that Soul Echo comes with a super buffer circuit – original signal (dry) will become full and solid after passing through it, moreover, when designing this buffer circuit, we consider that if can use double volume assigned to the bypass signal and delay signal.

When open the delay of Soul Echo, the volume will automatically increase according to the preset, this will extend the use of delay. So, we added volume boost circuit after the buffer circuit, you can arbitrarily increase the volume between 0dB and 6dB. When you’re playing solo, just opening the Soul Echo, your volume will be able to occupy the forefront of the stage.

Whether you want a great sounding delay that’s stage ready, or that’s perfect for the studio, then you can’t go wrong with the Soul Echo. And best of all, the price makes it accessible to all!


  • Knobs: Repeat, Time, Mix, Boost
  • Filter Switch: Flutter/Standard/Wow
  • Delay Time: Maximum 500ms (Approximately)
  • Colour: Grey Sparkle
  • Power Supply: 9v DC
  • On Signal: LED Light


This pedal is ‘As New’, in perfect mint condition, with original box and ‘box candy’.


Due to the current lockdown in England, this item is available from our store in Exeter (Click & Collect only) or by post (at an additional cost of £6.50).

If postage is selected, it will be packed very carefully and sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class.

If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing either by email or phone (both on our website).