We Buy Guitars!

As we are a completely secondhand guitar store (the only one in Exeter for that matter), one of the main ways that we source stock is to buy guitars privately. We also buy from auctions and take guitars in part-exchange too.

Quite a lot of the guitars that we buy are in good general condition and just need a bit of attention and love. Some of them, sadly, are in a really poor state and need a whole lotta lovin'. But we don't mind that. It's what we do.

So, if you are looking to sell any of your guitars, amps or pedals (upgrade, downgrade, raising funds or parting ways with a faulty/problematic instrument), please get in touch with us! We'll make an offer on pretty much any guitar!

The best way to do this is fill out the contact form below with as much information as possible about the gear you are looking to sell. We can then reply by email and go from there.

DISCLAIMER: When it comes to making offers for used equipment, obviously we have to factor in making a profit (we are a business after all.....bloody capitalism!). So, please don't be offended if our offer is lower than you'd hoped. We also have to factor in our time, parts and materials used to restore/repair the equipment.