1982 Squier Telecaster Blonde Electric Guitar (VERY RARE JV Series, Japan)

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This 1982 Squier Telecaster (JV Series, made in Japan) is a incredibly rare find. Don’t be fooled by the name on the headstock. If you know about these stunning guitars, then you know !! 
The JV series guitars were built in Japan to an extremely high quality, exceeding the quality of Fender guitars today. Many people argue that these are the greatest ever reissues of the original Pre-CBS guitars, at a fraction of the price! 
This is no exception to the rarity and build-quality of these favoured JVs, in awesome condition and sounds and plays an absolute dream. You’ll struggle to find one better! Overall, this is a very rare and collectable guitar.
This Squier is actually one of the very first models they made in Japan - now known as a JV series instrument because of the JV serial number on the bridge plate. This series of guitars were the first models that Fender made in Japan back in the early 80s as a response to the other Japanese brands like Tokai, Greco and Edwards (ESP) who were frankly doing a much better job at producing quality instruments than Fender were themselves in the USA at the time.
So, the story goes that Fender sent a Japanese factory the best examples of their vintage instruments they could find and said ‘copy that!’ Which they did, rather too well! 
This is a very early example, dated to early 1982 which is at the very beginning of Fender’s Japanese journey. These guitars represent a fantastic investment as they are only increasing in value as the years go on (particularly one in such fantastic condition as this). 
So, grab yourself a rare and beautiful piece of history! 
Serial: JV94525 
Neck: 21-Fret Maple Neck 
Weight: 7.8lbs 
Body: Blonde (Butterscotch) 
Weight: 7.8lbs 
This guitar is in incredibly good used condition. It has almost no signs of wear or use at all. There is just one tiny indentation on the front of the body. Please look at the photos thoroughly as they constitute part of the product description.  
Due to the dimensions, fragility and value of this instrument, we are sadly not offering postage on this lovely guitar.  
This item is only available to collect from our store in Exeter or possibly by local delivery within one hour of Exeter (please enquire to see if this is available).
If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing either by email or phone.