SamSystems INTEGRAL 12" Close Cab Miking System (Cab Not Included)

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SamSystems INTEGRAL 12" Close Cab Miking System - From their Website:

  • Easy Installation

Easy installation with a fit and forgot concept, you can’t go wrong. Never mic up your amp ever again, simply attach the XLR to your mixing desk and onward to monitors or FOH PA.

  • Cleaner Setup

The INTEGRAL is an alternative concept to traditional close cab miking techniques, meaning no need for dangling microphones or stands. Leaving a cleaner look on your setup!

  • High quality Mic

The INTEGRAL is equipped with a high-quality super cardioid dynamic microphone, housed in the “pepper pot”, strategically aimed off center of the speaker coil.

  • Save space

Reduces wire mess on stage, saving more space leaving a more professional look. Accompanied by a professional sound.

  • 100% Analogue 

The mic outputs a true balanced analogue sound with an exceptional high/low full range frequency responses. Pressure tested at extreme volumes.

  • Save Time

Save time in setting up and remember time is money in the industry! It also makes life easier for the sound engineer.



These Microphone's are in new condition. They have no signs of wear or use.

Please look at the photos thoroughly as they constitute part of the product description. 


All of our products are fully COVID-cleaned, and tested before sale.




This item is available from our store in Exeter or by post (at an additional cost of £10 due to weight, cost of packing materials and levels of required insurance). 


If postage is selected, it will be packed very carefully and sent via Parcelforce48 within 3 working days of purchase. 


If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing either by email or phone.





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