About Us

Welcome to Life Guitars Co. - an exclusively secondhand guitar store based in Exeter (in the South West of England). Our passion and vision is to breathe new life into old and used guitars, amps and pedals.

We stock acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars, effects pedals, amplifiers and all of the accessories that you might need along the way too (such as guitar strings, capos, straps, cables etc). And, as a secondhand store, we aren't tied to any particular manufacturer or brand, so we are completely free to stock whatever we like!

Our vision often means taking guitar gear which has been poorly treated or maintained badly and restoring them to the best possible condition. And the result? Very often a guitar which has all the benefits of ageing and being ‘played in’ but without the brand-new price tag.

This vision is also informed by a desire to look after the environment - to reuse, upcycle and restore used guitars instead of seeing them go to ‘the big gig in the sky’ at the expense of a brand new instrument hot off of the factory line.


We try to cater for players of all abilities, budgets and tastes, with guitars ranging from £50 starter instruments up to higher-end guitars at £1500 and above. These range from sleek jazz guitars all the way to visceral metal machines (and everything in-between).

Our store is small but perfectly formed and we usually have around 250 guitars in stock at any given time. We also offer guitar maintenance services including restringing, guitar setups, light repair, electrical repair etc.

We have worked hard to make the store a welcoming and safe space, for people of all backgrounds and abilities to come and enjoy exploring, trying out and possibly finding their next guitar. We don’t hard sell, we don’t pressure people and we don’t show off. That’s just not our vibe.

So, if beautiful secondhand guitars and friendly customer service sound like your sort of thing, then why not get in touch and see if we might be able to help.

We hope to see you soon,

Joff, Dan and the team at Life Guitars Co.