2021 Buckham Guitars OM Acoustic Guitar (w/ Falcate Bracing)

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John Buckham is an Australian luthier who makes premium steel-string fingerstyle guitars. John was inspired to make guitars in 2006 whilst in Manson's Guitar Shop in Exeter - the inspiration being Andy Manson's exquisite acoustic guitars. 

The other major influence in his building was being introduced to  Falcate top bracing developed by English designer/scientist/craftsman Trevor Gore. 

This style of bracing produces beautiful strong clear notes with a lot of volume due to it being lighter for the same stiffness compared to more traditional bracing patterns. 

John handmakes his guitars in Australia from some of the finest materials available. He uses traditional tonewoods like Rosewood and Mahogany as well as Australian woods such as Australian Blackwood and She-Oak.  

John strives to put tonewood combinations together for a pleasing aesthetic as well as optimum sonic performance.

When you play a Buckham guitar you are experiencing a blend of fine hand craftsmanship, traditional and contemporary lutherie techniques, and thoughtfully chosen high-grade tonewoods.


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