Cornerstone Gladio SC Single Preamp Effects Pedal

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Introducing the Gladio SC Single Preamp, a compact powerhouse designed to encapsulate the legendary Dumble tube amp sound in a sleek and portable unit. Crafted as a smaller counterpart to the acclaimed Double Gladio, this single-channel preamp boasts an additional Clean control, perfect for dialing in the classic Texas blues tones with authenticity and finesse.

Featuring intuitive controls including Gain, Volume, Clean, and Tone, along with a convenient Comp switch for added dynamics, the Gladio SC Single offers versatility and precision in shaping your desired sound. Its Effect On LED indicator ensures you never lose track of your active settings, while the footswitch enables seamless bypass for effortless control during performances.

Built to deliver uncompromising quality, this preamp sports a durable 6.3 mm jack input and output, ensuring seamless connectivity with your instrument and amplifier setup. Its compact dimensions of 67 x 122 x 39 mm and lightweight construction of 250 g make it ideal for gigging musicians and studio enthusiasts alike.

Handcrafted in Italy with meticulous attention to detail, the Gladio SC Single Preamp embodies artisanal craftsmanship and sonic excellence. Powering up is hassle-free with a 9V DC mains adapter (not included), making it an essential addition to any guitarist's rig seeking authentic tube amp tones in a compact form factor.