Purple Chili 20W Handwound Point-to-Point Valve Amp + Ext Cab (w/ Flight Cases)

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Here we have a true one-of-a-kind amp - a Purple Chili 20W Handwound Point-to-Point Valve Amp with Extension Cabinet (both in Flight Cases).

As some of you will know, Purple Chilli is owned by Mike Walsh (who owns the brand & the styling used on this amp too). Made in Essex, England in late 2012, this was a pre-production unit which was designed in collaboration with another gentleman and intended for a modest production run. That never ended up happening, making this a true one-of-a-kind find.

This amp is the only example of the BB Amplification 15 watt circuit design in a Purple Chili chassis and cabinet. It has a custom power controller, custom effects loop circuit and uses JJ valves (an EL84 in the power stage and a ECC83S in the preamp).

It is hand-wired, point to point and has a built in attenuator to scale the power down (allowing for tone-full playing at lower volumes).

The combo amp is open backed and the extension speaker is closed back. Both speakers are superb Tayden 12” Green-Backs.

For more info, send us a message or pop ‘Life Guitars Exeter’ into your favourite search engine and get in touch!


This amp and extension cabinet are in mint condition (and are technically 'New' as they have never been owned by anyone except one of the original makers). They have almost no signs of wear or use. The flight cases are showing signs of wear and use but that is what they're for!

Please look at the photos thoroughly as they constitute part of the product description. 

All of our amps are fully cleaned and electrically tested before sale. This cost is reflected in the list price.


Due to the value, weight and fragility of this lovely amp, we are sadly not offering postage for it. 

It is only available to collect from our store in Exeter or possibly by local delivery within one hour of Exeter (please enquire first to see if this is available).

If you have any questions, please contact us before purchasing either by email or phone.